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The Island Newcomers Club, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation under U.S. and State of Georgia law in 2016. The Club continues in service to our members and to organizations in the greater Golden Isles area. The corporation is managed by a Board of Directors according to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. The Board of Directors is annually elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting and consists of not more than eight directors including the following:


Director – President / CEO

Director(s) – Vice President(s) – (Responsible for monthly meetings)

Director – Treasurer / CFO

Director – Secretary

Director – Membership

Director – Island Adventures

Director – Web Operations

The Board of Directors is authorized by the bylaws to establish Board Committees as well as to appoint other committees as necessary. The activities of the Board are further described in ABOUT.

See the BYLAWS here.

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