New Members – Registration

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Welcome to the New Member Signup Page

New members should review the requirements for joining Island Newcomers, available on the member requirements page HERE, before signing up. 

The only enrollment method to become a member is here, online. The first step: make your dues payment of $50. This will provide membership through the following membership year, until next May 31.

Island Newcomers accepts credit and debit cards for annual dues. This includes access to member-only web pages and signups for Member Events. PLEASE SIGN UP INDIVIDUALLY WITH EACH USING A UNIQUE E-MAIL ADDRESS – THERE IS NO COUPLES REGISTRATION OPTION.

New members must:

  • Complete ALL FIELDS MARKED IN RED on the registration page.
  • Each member must have a unique username, password, and email address.
  • You and your significant other MUST have different email addresses on the payment screen.

Logout after your first registration before attempting to register another person in your household.
After you pay, new members will be returned to the registration screen and asked to create a user profile.

Usernames shouldn’t contain symbols or numbers. For example: Jim Jones shouldn’t use “jimmyjones123//–1946″. Keep it simple, with something like” jjones”. With few exceptions, everyone in the club has different names!

This information will be sent back to your email after registration. Once your registration is complete, you will have full access to the website.

Payment Section for NEW Memberships

Click the Pay Now button below to start the payment and registration process.


Online payment by credit/debit card is the preferred method of registration and payment.  The use of personal checks is discouraged.  However, if this poses a problem please contact the membership chairperson by email at [email protected].

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