Meet & Greet Events

Meet & Greet events provide an opportunity to meet all club members in a relaxed, friendly and social atmosphere. The events are usually held the second Tuesday of each month and the locations are varied through the year.

Each event provides for a sampling of local food and drink that may include a low country boil or oyster roast, or can be a more formal event, such as the annual holiday party. The different venues let member gain knowledge of the area and sample the menus of various restaurants and caterers.

Contact the Vice President for Meet & Greets ([email protected]) for more information. 


COVID guidelines allow up to 50 persons to participate in an outdoor gathering. 
Following these guidelines, we scheduled two separate events in order to accommodate more INC members. It appears, however, there are still a large number of our members that opted not to participate for various reasons. So, in an effort to make this event more enjoyable and practical, we have combined the two events into one evening. The MINI MEET AND GREET will now ONLY be held the evening of Tuesday, November 10th. 
If you are one of those that signed up for Wednesday, November 11th, please be advised that event has been cancelled and all registrations reassigned to the 10th.
**It is important that you notify me immediately if you are unable to make this change and your money will be refunded.
Please bring a mask with you as we are being asked to wear it unless at your table. 
Your Board sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause you and hopes you will still be able to join us on the 10th. 
The menu for the evening is:
Fried pickles
Onion dip
Slaw bowl
Mixed salad
Fried chicken
Grilled chicken
Fried shrimp
Grilled shrimp
Pulled pork w/bun on the side
Mixed vegetables
French fries
Cheese Grits
Fried okra
Brownie bites
Two drink tickets
Soft drinks
Donna Tate