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“When you buy a house on St Simons it is all about Location, location, location. But more so it is Newcomers, newcomers, newcomers. Newcomers is all about making new friends and getting to know the Golden Isles. We really are enjoying our new friends!”
Stephanie & Terry (2015/2018)

“My wife and I retired to SSI 3 years ago and know that was the best decision of our life. We immediately joined Newcomers and found it to be one of the best run organizations we have ever been associated with. Newcomers was instrumental in making SSI our home, and not just the place we live. If you choose to join Newcomers, it is a decision you will never regret.
Friends for life.”
2017/2018 Member

“These past three years being a member of Newcomers was not just an easy and fun way of seeing the beautiful island we live on – It was a great way to meet new friends that were on the same adventure. You get out of it what you want- If you’re a social butterfly you are covered up with activities and outings and if your laid back you show up if and when you want to!
It’s sad that it only last 3 years but the reward is you can never sneak out without makeup without running into a friendly face you met from Newcomers- I no longer feel like a “Newcomer” and the “Homesickness” I used to feel is no longer. I thank God for this amazing organization and island. ENJOY!”
Lila & Russell (2014/2018)

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